Webinar series – Burnout – How You Can Avoid It

This week, the webinar’s subject is

Burnout – How You Can Avoid it

Burnout is not a positive experience, one I don’t wish upon anybody but it would be wrong to imagine the people are powerless to avoid burnout.

Burnout occurs when being exposed to a chronic amount of stress, people find themselves exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have made it my mission in increase awareness of Burnout.

If people know what to look for in the people around them or in themselves, they will be able to spot the signs much sooner and break the patterns that will lead to total exhaustion.

Those steps are not complicated. They are even common sense, but when in the midst of a stressful time, no matter the cause of it, it can be complicated to educate oneself in order to find the resources necessary to change course.

Being aware of those simple steps can be all you need to maintain a balanced life. One where you are confident that you are challenged yet taken care of. One where you know for certain that you will be ok no matter what.


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