You have not failed, you have found 10 000 ways that did not work…

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I have not failed, I have found 10 000 ways that did not work… ~ Thomas Edison

Sometimes, we feel discouraged because we try something and it does not work and even if you try again and again, there is always a little voice in your head that will poke at you and say things like: You will never succeed. You don’t have what it takes… And it is always so hard to not doubt in those moments. To be strong and keep trying.

Regardless of who you are, it will happen. Even the bests have moment of weakness, of doubts.

The key is to reframe that moment. To not stay defeated. Reframe means that you take a different perspective on your situation and you look at it from that perspective. It could be as simple as changing your mind for a little while, it could be that you see all your attempts as way to make you stronger or more creative like Edison. Take the point of view of a person around you. Your kids for example, how do they really see your challenge? Maybe they see it as insignificant, maybe they see it as silly…. And they don’t get defeated by it, because it is not important to them. It could also be that while they don’t understand it, they are proud of you for never giving up. It could be that you look at what you have achieved so far, and you are proud of all that you have tolerated.

If Edison had not failed 10 000 times, we would not have light bulbs today. We would have had something else, but it would be different. He never gave up and saw his attempts as eliminating ways that did not work. He did not get discourage. It took him a long time, but eventually he found the “right” solution.

What is your challenge today? So how many ways have you tried? Have you given up? Why was it a challenge in the first place? Think about it. Revisit. Challenge yourself!

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