You don’t need an excuse to feel good!

Really! You don’t need an excuse to feel good!

OK! Stop! Think about it! Do you really need an excuse to feel good?

I know that some of you are processing this affirmation and thinking, “ok, she went too far! This is too naïve, too childish…”

But really…

Do you need an excuse to feel…. bad? or angry? or sad? or depressed?

Not really, isn’t it? And we are so used to the way we feel that it becomes a safety blanket of sort, a comfort zone, you know your way around that emotion. It feels safe. But it weighs us down….

We all know people who when we meet them and ask “How are you doing?” go: “I don’t know, kind of depressed, I guess…” And if you probe further, “Ho, how’s that?”, the answer seems to be: “I don’t know, I woke up?!”

They don’t have an excuse, they just woke up!!!! And you are likely to respond: “I understand!” With a corresponding look in your eyes….

But let’s say you meet a person who to your greetings responds happily and exuberantly: “Great! Fantastic! Thank you!” and if you probe further, the person responds smiling and screaming: “I don’t know, It is just because I feel like it”, let’s be honest here, you are likely to call the hospital to check if they have a space in their psychiatric ward…

Isn’t it sad or telling.

We understand the person who is constantly depressed, or sad or tired, but we don’t understand the person who is constantly happy or energetic!

And even if I am going to repeat myself

We Choose our emotions!

And the way we do our emotions is by focusing our mind on something, by talking a certain way and by moving and acting a certain way. This is triad of emotion. The easiest way to change your emotional state is to change your physiology.

So, why don’t you feel good today?

No excuse needed, just decide to! It is that simple.

Now, here is a little help.

Remember a time when you were celebrating! Maybe it was the end of a match and your favourite team won the game! Or it was you who had achieved something fantastic. Remember how you felt. Remember how you felt in your body? What did you say? Remember really! Maybe, say it! And remember what you have focused your mind on at that time? Did you focus on all the things wrong in your life? or did you only have mind for your current success? Indeed!

Close your eyes, and really enjoy that moment!

How do you feel? Good, isn’t it?

But your present situation has not changed, has it? Yet you are feeling good…

Change your physical stance, change your state and you will change your emotional stance.

You can not feel happy and be angry! It is physiologically impossible. But we make a habit of feeling a certain way. It is really a habit and like any habit, it can take time to break it. And then, it takes a strong mind to stick with it.

How many of us have read a book that promoted a different way of doing things, we were all fired up to act on it, only to forget about it at the first bump in the road. How many of us have gone to seminars and other motivational speaker’s conference, leaving feeling on top of the world ready to change, to forget all about it, when back in the routine at home?

We all do….

And I am not going to lie, this is a daily commitment. Everyday, you have to decide how you are going to feel.

Every day, when I wake up, I decide that I will not be hopeless and tired and sad that day. I decide that I will be happy and confident and sure that things will work out.

Does it always happen? No!

Do I forget? Sometimes, but by reminding myself every morning of what I want, I refuse to let my old habits take control.

I am in control of my emotions! I set the scene…

Everyday! Always!

I don’t need an excuse to feel good! I don’t need an excuse to feel happy! I don’t need an excuse to feel…

And that is true from the beginning!

So change your habits, and change your life!

It is that simple. It is naïve, yet it is true!

So my challenge to you is this:

Can you be happy for no reason at least once a day for the next 7 days?

Try it! And see!

With care






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