You are Burnout, Not Lazy

You are Burnout, NOT Lazy…

Just Saying…

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, why do you stop blaming and judging yourself and try and find help.

I have news for you, Ignoring those won’t make them go away.

It will just get worse until you hit the wall.

Trust me I KNOW. Because I did just that… It was painful and costly.

Nowadays, I am still busy and successful, but I don’t run away from my feelings, and if I am tired, I stop and TAKE CARE of myself, so that I CAN CONTINUE WITH my schedule, my obligations and all that. But from a place of feeling that I have a strong base.

Just saying,

Berating yourself, telling you to push through, because you are just “lazy” is not going to help you.

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