Why do you need an EFT coach?

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Why do you need an EFT coach?


This is a good question and the answer will be multifaceted

Have you ever made a decision to stop smoking, exercise more, meet new friends,… only to forget about it the next day?

You are not alone!

This is why groups like Weight Watcher work so well, because you make a commitment to a group and you have to show your progress to the group and you don’t want to disappoint the group, or the discomfort of having to explain why you did not do what you said you would…

Having a coach, someone you are accountable to, will allow you to achieve those goals –  Yes, if only because you will have to explain to somebody, why you did or did not do something you know you should do…

Simple? Here is how it worked for me:

I had been faced with some difficulties over time and I thought that I could find solution just reading some books…I was of the view that unless you were a world class athlete, you did not have a coach… Or maybe if you were a high flying CEO, which I was not…  So a coach, the idea never crossed my mind…

But I started with the self help books and I learned a lot, really a lot, I read a lot, but when it came to applying the techniques I learned…

Well… Let’s just say that …  Life got in the way!

I had no time to do all the other things in my life, so a new item on my do-to list… I did it for a day or a week if really I was super motivated but shortly after… I stopped!

Sounds familiar? You are not alone!

We all do it! I still do it sometimes!!!!!

So I started to think that I could never find a solution to my problems…

That is when I met my first coach. She was an EFT coach. She happened to be trained as a psychotherapist to start with but she specialised in coaching. She taught me about EFT.

It was quite simple really, everybody can learn EFT but at the time it was not as well known as it is now… So she explained the technique. If I am honest, I thought “Ok, this is really strange!” But then we started working on “collapsing negative emotions”

At the time, I had a LOT of Negative Emotions…

So I decided to give it a go. I had nothing to loose really. I kept at it and my negative emotions did collapse. Then after a couple of sessions, my coach started giving me some homework.

I had trouble sleeping, so she advised that I did a simple stress release meditation in the evening.

When I came back the next week, I had not done the exercise!

She looked at me and smiled and said “Why did you not do it?”, I did not have a good answer.

I was busy? I did not think of it? I didn’t think it will work…. In short, I did not do it!!!

It was not completely comfortable. I am telling you. But then we did a couple of rounds on the fact that I did not want EFT to work, and the real reasons came out.

She gave me the same exercise to do for the following week. Since I did not want to have to face the same level of discomfort, I did the exercise every day, thinking this is ridiculous, it does not work, it can not work, I don’t even focus on the right things…  How could it work, it was beyond me!

But I continued and after a few days, I realised that I could find sleep faster and I slept through the entire night… So the next week, when she asked me how I was, I was comfortable about telling that I had done the exercice every night. She smiled. I surprised myself….

After this first lesson in coaching which is that sometimes, you need to have somedody to go back to and explain why you did or did not do something that you knew was good for you.

It is called


And it can be you, a coach will give you that little nudge. That little support that will allow you to achieve your goal in a shortest amount of time possible!


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