Who is the likely candidate for a burnout?

This question is so often in people’s mind it is always a surprise. It is as if, when having the answer to this question, people could be then sure that they will never be weak because they don’t have the type…

In all honesty, I don’t think that there is a type as much as there are circumstances that make a person more susceptible to a break down.

If I had describe my clients who are going through a burnout, I would say it can happen to any one. Truly.

However, it happens most to people who are extremely strong, stronger than most. And they fall because they can not NOT be strong. They don’t know how to be vulnerable and push back and take some distance.

It happens to people who care so much that they will give everything they have (even their own health, both physical and emotional) to help people they deem in need, or they feel responsible for. Whether those people need them or not.

It happens to people who are in an impossible situation where their choice have been taken away from them and they fight an uphill battle, one that they could not win even a million chance but they can not stop fighting.

Does it happen more to man than to women? No, not in my experience. Actually, what differ is just the timing of when men and women seek out help? Women tend to have to fall before they admit that there is a problem. They have a greater propensity for abnegation. Men tend to come to the realisation that something is not working a little earlier but they are just moments away from the wall! Too late to change the situation fully!

What is a constant is the fact that people who are heading for a burnout have this need to prove themselves against the world, against themselves. They don’t see anything else. It is their driving force. Quite often fuelled by anger or by fear or both.

In a coaching environment, we work to bring their attention back to their situation in a broader sense. We tend to zoom out. Then we seek out the reason/the moment the person tipped over. The reason they felt the need to prove themselves and we work on it using coaching and tapping to ease the fear, the anger that has gripped them out of their natural self-preservation instinct.

Then we work to teach them the tools to avoid finding themselves in such situation in the future. Because life will always be a rollercoaster. And if you don’t learn from your experiences, you will find yourself in a similar situation sooner or later. And let’s face it, it is not an enjoyable experience.

If you want to learn more about who is likely to experience a burnout, then, please join us for our Weekly EFT coaching call on Thursday at 9pm, London time for a webinar where we will explore this concept further.

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