Who Is My Average Client?

Burnout and Stress Management

I was asked that question the other day

Who is your average client?

It gave me cause for pause.

I don’t think that I have an average client, except that I do have a typical client: An successful over-stressed person who does not think that he or she is in control any more.

Is this person male or female? Doesn’t matter really.

Is this person younger or older? Nope.

Is this person in a high level job or not in a job at all? Both.

Really, the common trait of my clients is that they are so successful. They never experienced failure. They had challenged in their life, but they overcame them. Until one day, it stopped. And they started doubted themselves. With that doubt went their self-confidence. So most of the time, they did what they knew best, they threw themselves into work/family/relationship/ alcohol/self-pity, trying very hard to avoid that pit in their stomach, that voice that said that they were not cut out for the job, that they were weak for experiencing such a situation.

Now, we all have moments of doubts, but how we deal with them makes all the difference.

Some will just look at the doubts and remember easily that they are confident and that they have the resources within themselves to be successful again, and they will work at it from that perspective.

However, some of us fail to bounce back. For one reason or an other (and that might be the biggest difference in all my clients), they do not believe that they can bounce back. And so, they go down a self fulling prophecy of not finding the right path and of going from one disappointment to another. They forgot that they were successful. They felt for a while that they were a fraud, they had been lucky until then and luck had run out.

I don’t believe in luck or the lack of it. I believe that if you change the meaning you associate with what happened to you, you can then change your life.

So if you believe that your luck has run out, you will act as such and it will have a major impact in your life. If on the other end, you look at a terrible time in your life, and ask yourself:

What lesson did I learn from this?

or any other question that empower you and change your perspective on the situation, you are likely to become once again more resourceful and therefore more successful. In doing so, you will find the opportunities, the resources in yourself and around you that will allow you to bounce back once again.

So, my average client has nothing average. They forgot their strong side. They forgot that they can do anything. That They have to take care of themself, however that might be.

When they remember, they all have the same reaction: They strive!

So change your story, change your life!

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With care



Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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