What is EFT?

EFT is a new and exciting technique combining Ancient Chinese Accupressure (tapping) with Modern Psychology (statement).

While tapping on specific points on the body, one says some specific statements, such as I have this pain in my back for example.

The specific points for EFT are as follows:

EFT tapping points

EFT tapping points on End points of Chinese Meridian

The different Meridian End Points to be stimulated

The different points as shown on the picture above are

  • Side of the Hand
  • Eye Brow
  • Side of eye
  • Under eye
  • Under nose
  • Chin
  • Collarbone
  • Under arm
  • Top of head

There is a sequence of tapping, while making statement out loud. It is a little unsettling at first but it is very efficient and even now, scientifically proven.

This would be a basic rounds based on a pain in your back. Each point should be tapped upon in a mild manner (not to strong and not to light) at least 5 to 6 times at each location. While the point is being stimulated, it is important to focus on what issue you want to address. (More on that later). In order to focus, it is advised to say what you are focusing upon out loud.

For example, Pain relief

Side of the Hand: Even though I have this pain in my back, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.
[You have to repeat this set up phrase 3 times]
Eyebrow: This pain in my back
Side of Eye: This pain in my back
Under eye: This pain in my back
Under nose: This pain in my back
Chin: This pain in my back
Collarbone: This pain in my back
Under arm: This pain in my back
Top of head: This pain in my back

It is advised to repeat this “round” as many time as you need to, in order to not experience any disturbance, in this case, as long as you have pain.

Of course, this is the basic technique. But it works extremely well. Try it! After a few minutes, you will be an expert.

The science behind the technique.

If you are like me, you must be thinking that it can not be real, and that it is a very strange technique.

I was very much a sceptic. Really!

I worked in the pharmaceutical before, I worked with figures and statistics and “real” medication and when a person a few years back offered to show me this new technique, I went along because I was polite, but honestly, I am not into chakra and Chinese medicine, so I dismissed it…

Then, of course, the method gained momentum and EFT kept coming up again and again, so I thought to myself, I need the science. If it works that well, there must be evidence! There must be studies.
In the past 10 years, results have been published in peer reviewed journals (The gold standard for published studies) and they are astonishing.

With the increased interest, a lot of money is being poured into studying this technique, with more and more, precise and defined tools and time and again the results are very consistent: IT WORKS!

“In recent years however, there’s been a growing pool of undeniable research that proves what millions of people the world over have known for some time now: that EFT produces real, lasting breakthroughs and significantly improves or even eliminates conditions that hospital treatments, medication and years of psychotherapy often fail to adequately deal with.”
See more at: http://www.thetappingsolution.com/what-is-eft-tapping/#sthash.ArAcNCZY.dpuf

How does EFT work?

Well as I mentioned, EFT is a combination of stimulating Chinese Meridian End Points, while focusing on a negative emotion. And after a few round, the negative emotion is “collapsed”, meaning that it is not active anymore. It has been dealt with by the body.

Chinese medicine has believed for thousands of years that a healthy body was a body where there was no energy block. Chinese medicine believes that we are energy that is circulating along some sort of highway (the meridian). When you hurt yourself and you experience pain, or you are sick, the Chinese medicine believes that it is due to a block in the energy field. This is why, after studying meridians, Chinese doctor will use acupuncture or accupressure to stimulate specific points in the body that will “unblock” the energy on those highway. When the energy is flowing, health returns. interestingly enough, in the last 5 years, modern science have located those famous meridians using MRI techniques.
When you experience a negative emotion, be it pain, shame, fear, anxiety,… you are physically feeling it in your body. Cold shiver for fear for example, or burning red chick when you are ashamed… And the list goes on. It is now proven scientifically that each emotion has a consequence on the physical body. For example, if you are anxious, you will experience an increase in your hormone cortisol level in your blood stream. This will in turn translate in an increase in adrenaline, which will translate in an increase alertness, increased reflex and blood flow to your limbs, a reduction of blood flow to non-essential organ (brain,(Only instinct will remain active) digestive track,….) basically preparing you for the proverbial: Fight or Flight response.
So it is now accepted that negative emotion have an energy charge blocked in the body and it was then theorised that by using Chinese energy medicine (meridian stimulation) one could reduce those blockages, return the energy flow back to normal and relieve the patient from this negative emotion.

“The body, like everything in the universe, is composed of energy. Restore balance to the body’s energy, and you will mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruption. Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and negative emotions are conquered.”
See more at: http://www.thetappingsolution.com/what-is-eft-tapping/#sthash.ArAcNCZY.dpuf

To go further you visit: www.thetappingsolution.com, it presents a wealth of information on EFT and science.

What can you use EFT for?

It is a question that is difficult to answer at present because research is still under way. Obviously areas where an emotion response is expected: So PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, anxiety, limiting beliefs, fear,shame,…
More surprisingly, it can be applied to help with pain,
Areas of interest in science are cancer, allergies, chronic diseases,… But science has yet to prove efficiency of the method and it is not clear yet how it can help, if at all.
The theory would be that if your body is experiencing an inflammation, it is the sign of stress at a cellular level. So by reducing the overall stress of the body, you allow your body to “focus” its healing power to the stress at a cellular level.  (Visit www.eftuniverse.com for more information on what to use EFT for)

But science and evidences are still needed to evaluate the validity of those claims.

However, there is nothing preventing you from testing and seeing if you can obtain results with whatever ailment you may be suffering from. This is why EFT is so special. It is a simple, yet effective self help technique.

And if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help.

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