What do you consider as impossible today? Is it really true….

Tomorrow I will take part in the Shine Night Walk Semi-Marathon in London.

I do it for many reasons, (take part in the fight over cancer obviously, because it is good exercise, because I can) but the main reason is to Remember. To remember that Nothing is Impossible!

A couple of years ago, I was in a very dark situation. I could not see a way out. It was endless. Everything seemed difficult, impossible… I felt hopeless and like all my choices were taken from me.

I realised at some point, that I needed to choose to do something for myself. Not something I had to do or that I was expected to. But something only for me!

Because I am also crazy, I decided that I wanted to move my body and that I needed a goal to look forward to.

Sooooo…. I enrolled myself for the Shine Night Walk Full Marathon. Of course, I did not train as much as I should have. I would walk on occasion and so on… But the baggage I was carrying around was too great, it seemed! I did not train nearly enough.

I was committed and I realised that it was important to me. People advised against the whole idea, it was dangerous, I had little to no training, I would hurt myself…

I ignored them all. I needed to do it. So two years ago, I made my way to the center of London on a saturday night and walked the full marathon.

It was brutal!

The first half went relatively easily and I remember thinking they were all wrong, it is not too bad at all.

But when I reached the two third mark, it was a very different story.

I hurt all over. I had no energy left. I was in the proverbial wall. But I could not give up. I kept putting a foot in front of the other. It was well past midnight. I made the mistake at some points to calculate how long I had to go for from that point and my heart sank. I had over 3 hours to go at my moving rate and I knew that I would only slow down. I kept going one step at the time. My feet became heavier and heavier…

Just under 8 hours after I started, I finished the walk. I collapsed. I had nothing left in me.

The feeling of pride was priceless. I could do anything, even the impossible.

I kept looking at the medal (yes they give you a medal no matter when you reach the end!) and thinking,

“Wow this was an amazing achievement. And I chose this one. This one is mine”

It gave me the sense that I still had a bit of control over my life. Not a lot, but I could still decide to walk 40 Km and do it, just because.

A few months later, I participated in my first Tony Robbins seminar. My situation had not improved. I attended because I was following his program to become a Coach and I had seen an ad in the paper. To say that I was not ready would be an understatement. If you have attended one of Robbins’ seminar, you know that it is intense, active and VERY long. I had no idea….

So when it was announced during the first hour that the culmination point for the day was “the Fire Walk” My first reaction was: “No WAY! This is crazy and impossible, I am not doing it!”

Famous last words…

After 12 hours I was in line for my fire walk, and then I realised:

“What else is impossible?”

It was such a paradigm shift.

What else did I think was impossible that actually was just my fears talking?

After 50 hours and 3 days later, I went on to make so many changes.

Over a year down the tracks, I am still asking myself that question:

What else is impossible?

It does not mean that I take inconsiderate risks, it is more that I question my thinking consciously.

Since then?

My marriage is back on track, my children are all around me, my business is striving, I am doing what I LOVE to do but never dared to….

So tomorrow, I will walk the same Event, only the semi-Marathon with my two boys (I am not crazy thank you very much, Full Marathon? Been there, done That, got the T-Shirt!:-) and I will celebrate and remember the journey and wonder:

“What else is impossible in my life today?”

and question whether or not I need to walk a full marathon or walk on fire to get myself to move!!!!!

So my question to you is:

“What in your life feels impossible today? Is it really true? What action could you take today to change from impossible to YES, OF COURSE IT IS POSSIBLE!”

Please leave your comments in the box below.

With care


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