What am I grateful for?

I have just finished yesterday a 21 day Gratitude challenge.

What is a Gratitude Challenge?

Well, it is a little exercise where everyday you wrote down the top 3 things that you are grateful for. Did not have to be big, but 3 things everyday.

What your mind focus on expands….

And it has proven true!

I was like many people sceptical at first. But I thought, it is the season, let’s do it!

And what an amazing journey!

You know when you were a kid and play the game of finding all the objects in the colour green, and suddenly you became hyperaware of all things green… even long after the game was over… Well in a way, this exercise reminded me of this.

For 21 days, consciously but also unconsciously, I found myself looking for the moments I could put in my gratitude list. I became focused on this, and sure enough, I started to notice more potential moments of gratitude… When at the beginning I was struggling to find 3 things that I was grateful for, yesterday I had to edit, because I felt grateful for so many things.

Did more wonderful things I could be grateful for happened in my life since I started the experiment? No, not really. I think I have just become more aware of them.

But also, I have become more attune to the feeling of gratitude. More aware of what it feels like to be grateful.

I believe that I had taken so many things for granted. Because they happened on a regular basis, or where just day to day little things and I forgot that they are precious. Thanks to this exercise, I remembered. Remembered that my kids are precious and that while they are not babies anymore,  we won’t ever have that time again, so better enjoy it. I have noticed the pleasure I get from coaching and helping people change. I have noticed the sun shining or bit of a cold morning or the fog… I have become more aware of my surroundings.

I have felt that I am bursting with gratitude.

And to be truthful, it is a feeling that I am not quite ready to give up! :-)

So… I am going to continue… Just because… I WANT MORE! :-)

What are you grateful for?

Find my gratitude journey at www.facebook.com/joellespractice

With care


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