What Am I Grateful for?

Gratitude for receiving Psycho Practitioner License

Last week I finished a 21 day Gratitude Challenge and I have to admit I was really impressed with the effects such a simple little habit could bring to one’s life.

And because it is now a habit, while the challenge finished, it does not mean that I stopped this wonderful little trick!

I did not…

Today after a long weekend, I am grateful for so many things that I am almost glad I did not have to choose the top 3 that would have been hard.

Let’s see.

I got to spend a lot of time with my kids. I got to speak with my oldest about his achievement at school. He was so proud. I saw some friends. I cleaned out my garage! Yes I did! :-) I have taken my son to his taekwando sparing event. I got a chance to talk to him and help him with HIS self-confidence.

He did not want to go to that event, they are going to be better than me, I am going to get kicked, I am not ready, I am going to be ridiculed…

He went and it started really well, until they asked the group to do some patterns (a set of figures show casing moves) and it was clear that my son’s club was probably not as prepared for that part of the event. But one guy decided to take offense of my son’s failing. Let’s just say that this person should not be dealing with kids.

Anyway, my son left feeling humiliated and ready to leave and never again do Taekwando, when he started at age 3…. It would have been really silly.

But he was so angry and humiliated that I decided to let him calm down. I told him that I had seen the incident and that I thought that the person was completely out of line. And he was! But my son would not see it…. He spent the rest of the day calming down and resting. It had been intense for him.

This evening when he was calmer he asked what I meant when I said that he did well. I explained that he could always improve and that the trainer has a point: He had to learn and improve his pattern’s practice, but the person should have pointed out the obvious and move along. My son could not believe that I was saying this. I also pointed out that two other adults intervene on his behalf and were very supportive of him and that they had both offered to practice with him so that he could be ready for his next grading. Slowly by slowly, we managed to turn a very “traumatic” event into a calm and quiet confidence.

We continued for a long moment discussing the way he does like to be encouraged.

In the end, he is going back to training this week. He understands that it is responsibility to train for the patterns in order to get to his next belt. And he also understands that being an adult does not mean you are right all the time.

I am so grateful that I had the chance to get him to navigate that tricky situation and that hopeful he is more confident now!

I am thankful for my training and for my intuition. They really help me today!

Thank you!

With care


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