Top 3 Stress Release Techniques

Burnout and Stress Management

Being a Stress expert, it is not rare for people to say things like: So you are always Zen? and You don’t know stress.

I laugh most of the time, because I do know stress. It is a good friend of mine,


I don’t linger in that feeling. I don’t stay stressed anymore. I used to. But I have learned techniques that help me move to more positive, uplifting emotions that will help me be more resourceful.
Being stressed is basically a way to say I feel that I am not in control, that there is so much on my plate that I know I will not be able to handle everything. It is a way to say I know that the next event (no matter big or small) will push me over the hedge and I will not be able to handle anything anymore. You end up living in fear of that next event, and you get anxious about what will happen then. When you are in that space, you are frozen, you can not function properly!

So, over the years, I have found several techniques that allow me to acknowledge that I am stressed, and then move to a more productive state, that will allow me to find solutions that will in turn help reduce my stress level.
No, I am not a Zen monk. But stress and being stressed does not define me anymore.

So here is my top 3 choices for stress reduction.

  • EFT/Tapping. Yes, of course! I will tap when ever I feel out of sort. It can be when on a call with somebody and feel a tension that is preventing me to listen to the caller openly and carefully. I will tap when I can not find sleep. I release the stress of the day and all the ideas and chaos that swirl in my head. I tap when I am dealing with my teenage kids and their own emotion, so that I don’t add to their turmoil… The list goes on. I try to do it discreetly, but when in a confrontation, it is not rare to see me tap, just to make sure I keep myself from running with my emotions.
  • Changing my state. When you are stressed, you are tensed. You have to deal with a host of emotions that you can’t express because of reason that are outside your control. You are physically experiencing the stress. Tension in your shoulder, in your neck, shallow breathing, you are likely to frown and to have tension in your jaw. You will tend to focus on what the problem is and you can not see anything else outside, you are likely telling yourself things that are not very positive. Changing your state can be as simple as Deep Breathing, which relaxed your diaphragm and your chest muscle, which in turn change your physiology. You could also watch a very funny video and laugh in earnest, relaxing your jaw muscle and your brows.
  • Regular Visualisation. Imagining what it would be like to not be stressed, to solve all your problems, to be stress free. What you would experience physically if you were stress free, what you would focus on if you were stress free, and what you would tell yourself, when you are finally free of stress. Using this technique, and experiencing it to a point, will give you a few minute of a stress free experience. An emotion is based on 3 elements: Physiology, Belief/Language and Focus. It has been proven that your mind does not make the difference between doing a movement or imagining doing the same movement. The brain fires the same neurone. Have you ever seen a skier before a race? They are usually completely focus and you will see them pretend to race, pretending to take the turn. They are using visualisation to train their body to be at its best. Repetition made perfect. So, if you can imagine being stress free, your brain will actually experience a stress-free moment. And little by little you will reduce your overall level of stress. Of course to be efficient, you need to remind yourself of practicing that visualisation on a regular basis, I have post-it in my office reminding me to visualise.

Those three techniques allow me to deal with my stress efficiently and to move away from that stress on a consistent basis.

Now what do you do to release your stress? and how does it work for you? Let me know in the comment box below.

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With care



Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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