The work-life balance: A myth demystified!

Work-Life balance is such a buzz subject nowadays.

I am not here to tell you about what you should or should not do. Just to point a few obvious facts that in my experience, people tend to forget.

  1. The Work-Life balance is not a set in stone thing, that you have or not. It is a living thing that is based on your perception and your level of energy at time. You will find that the same schedule will leave you feeling excited and ready to take on the world one day, and completely run down the next.
  2. Only YOU are responsible for defending the work-life balance that you want. It is not the job of a company, or a government to make sure you have a good work-life balance. Because inherently, your goals and the goals of a company are different and the same goes for the goals of a government. So the Work-Life Balance is your responsibility and yours only. So become the champion of what is right for you. And stick to it!
  3. Quality is not the same as quantity. So many of my clients feel that they have to spend more time with their family. But then when they are doing exactly that, they still have that project to finish or they are still waiting for that one phone call that they have to take, no matter what… And suddenly, their family is disappointed because the dad/mom/partner/… is not really 100% there with them and no matter what, they know it. The person is feeling guilty because he is not at work, and he is not quite with his family either. So I strongly suggest to my clients to favour quality versus quantity. Plan your life and dedicate sometimes where you are going to be with your son and read him a story. But you are just going to read him that story you are not going to do that while trying to read your email on your phone… Give him 5 or 10 minutes of your undivided attention. It will be more efficient and fulfilling for the both of you, than you trying and failing to give him an hour where you are not going to see him at all.

So, the work-life balance is elusive, don’t kid yourself.

Do what makes you happy and stop listening to what other people are thinking is the “RIGHT” way to go about it.

You are responsible. Make a decision.

Try one way and if it does not work, try another way.

The worst think you can do is not do anything.

For the rest, see how you go and adjust accordingly. :-)

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With care





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