The “Going Back to School” Stress

If you have children, you know what I am talking about.

You know that moment when the kids are facing the routines of school again, new bags, new furnitures. That can be exciting or it can be overwhelming. Then you have the worries of who will be in your class, who will be the teachers, who will be your friends and so on…. And if you have a girl, what should I wear to on the first day? and so on…

There are a lot of worries to be faced at once. And our little ones can get completely overwhelmed.

Tapping can be a good tool to calm them down.

I usually start with a general statement about how they feel about going back to school then I focus on the different points one at a time. As homework, (yes there is a little home work after all, they are school children), I suggest a few rounds of tapping while focusing on a comforting thought like a summer memory just before going to bed. The idea being to bring the mind to a more quiet state before going to sleep.

Just so you can help, please find a proposed script for back to school anxiety. It is a general script covering some of the most common stress factors for kids. It is important to adapt that script to your child’s specificity.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Contact me.


With care



Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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