The Equation of Change

Have you ever stressed over needing to change and make that change stick and then, find it so very complicated?

I know I have!

And then when I was told, actually there is a science to any change! I thought:

“Really, don’t you think that we would know about it already? Like the idea of implementing a formula and getting the results you want! Right! Whatever!?”

My first reaction was anger, which hides a very strong gut reaction of disbelief and inadequacy. If it was indeed a formula and clearly I had not found it until then, something must have been wrong with me.

I did not like that idea.

Yet, with time, I have learned that indeed you can change if you implement certain steps. And when you have those steps in place, you will see change. No doubt! No problem.

The trick?

Well actually there are several, but in effect the equation is simple.

Vision + Skills + Incentive + Resource + Action Plan = Change.

Each element is simple to achieve individually or should be.

Vision is your dream, your goals, something you want with all your being.

Skills is your experience, your knowledge.

Incentive is the emotional side. What will you get if you achieve your vision, your goal? How will you feel?

Resource is what you will put in place to achieve those goals and your willingness to go after then.

Action plan is what you will need to do in order to achieve those goals and that will lead to unstoppable changes.

Now of course, if you look only at your massive action plan without a vision or even an understanding of the incentives, of what you will get out of it, it will be overwhelming. We all need a carrot to make us go over the hard stuff. But if you believe in your goal, if you have the skills, the knowledge, the experience, you will find a way, THE way, and it won’t matter if it is hard or easy to achieve, because it will become a mission. And you will not fail!

Of course, if you miss any one element in your equation, say Vision, the change will seem confusing because you will not know what you would need to change in the first place.

Or if you don’t have the skills set, you will experience anxiety, because you will know you must change, but if you don’t know where to start to take action or if you don’t know where to ask, it will be complicated for you to achieve. Yet you will know that that change is a must and you will stress over the possible outcome.

The Role of The Coach

My role as a coach is to guide you through those processes to define with you a clear and compelling vision, to explore the incentives for you to change, to remain in a resourceful state what will allow you to be creative in finding solution for your goals. And so on.

Change can be hard at time. We battle so much with it.

Yet, when applying that formula, change is easy.

So next time, you have to change, think of the science of change and the equation of change.

And if you need help, just know you can always ask for it. We are here to help. Click Here


With care



Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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