Taking a Dose of My Own Medicine!

Not so long ago, I found myself talking to a client about what needed to happen for him to regain his self-confidence.

Change your state whenever you find yourself faltering, Remember a time when you were confident and from that place, look at your current situation and see if a change in perspective changes your point of view… Remember that we do emotion….

But while I was saying all those things, I realised that sometimes, I don’t live by those standards myself. I falter and lose sight of what it is that I want to achieve. I let my doubts and my insecurities get in the way of my higher purpose…

Yes, I am human… But sometimes, people are a mirror to your own situation. And in that case, it was so shocking, I almost left on the spot, feeling like a fraud,… And I wallowed in my doubt party for a little while.

But then it hit me! I was doing exactly like my client. I was letting my fears of being judged and of not being enough stop me from even trying harder.

Change any of this pilar and you will change your state.
Change any of this pillars and you will change your state.

So I stopped and remembered a time when I felt unstoppable, a time when I was just so certain that I could do anything. I really recalled everything I could think of about that moment. The people, the place, what I could hear, what I could see. I decided to stand like I had been standing that day, needless to say when you feel that good, you are 10 feet tall. SO I did, I smiled like a lunatic and I remembered the feeling of excitement and of unlimited possibilities. Yes, I really was confident that day! ;-)

And then from that place of ultimate confidence, I looked at my current situation, leaving no space for doubt, no space for insecurity.  I asked the question “How can I change my situation?” And without the doubts and uncertainties, new solutions came to mind.

They were a little scarier solutions for sure. A little riskier as well. But it was a risk that in my confident state I considered worth taking. I had been paralysed to take any decisions about that situation for a while. I had let my doubts dictate my life.




My doubts are still there and sometimes, I catch myself falling into the old trap of my feeling helpless and then feeling angry for acting like a victim.

I know it is a trap. I know that I can go from one emotion to the other, for ever and a day… And when I want variety, I can just create a new problem and VOILA!

But I want better standard for my life. I take responsibility for my life. I am in charge, I refuse to be a victim. If something does not work, I will try something else!


I cultivate the art of flexibility once again. And the progresses are amazing!


I was getting stuck and probably complacent. Feeling stuck was feeling safer than taking the risks that were required for me to get moving again.

So, when I met with my client again a few days later, I did tell him this story. Because it is so easy to forget that it is a habit that needs to be maintained. And that no body is perfect. Even the professionals sometimes need to be reminded. And he had unknowingly done just that!


I thanked him and we moved on.


So in conclusion, don’t settle! If something does not work, change it! No matter what that is. Cultivate the art of flexibility and learn to take risk in order to aim at your goals to achieve your best life ever.


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