Stress Or Passion?

Burnout and Stress Management

Perception of stress in the work place varies widely. A person might be working 80 hours a week and feels energised and passionate, while another person will be about to burn out and will describe the job as Stressful. It might be the environment, it might be the people with whom the person is working with. It could be that the person does not believe in the job he or she does. It could be that there is a conflict at home about the situation.

There could be so many reasons why one person will be passionate about his or her job and why one would describe his or her job as stressful and hating their job.

What is interesting is that people who say they are stressed about their job, seem to have lost sight of the fact that they always have choices.  It is so easy for people to believe that they have to work and they don’t have to like it. It is just one thing they HAVE TO do. Like it or not!

Well, if you are in this situation, let’s stop for a minute and think about the impact on your life to spend 50 hours a week or more on something you have no passion for….

Yep, depressing…

But we have to work, I can hear you saying and it is true!


What if you could change the story (meaning) you attach to your daily activity:

I hate my job, it is boring! Stressing me! … (fill in the blank)

to one that is true empowering?

This job allows me to provide for my children and helps me be an example in my community. I am good at this job and I enjoy it even if I don’t care about the atmosphere of the place.

That would be a change, isn’t it?

Let’s be very clear, You are only in charge of your emotions. You can not control the world you live in, but you can decide how you feel about it.

So what if you trained yourself, to focus on what is important to you? Maybe, it is the activity you have to do, to support your family and you can be grateful for that. Maybe, it is that you work with an amazing team of people and you can focus on connecting with them on a regular basis and be happy to work with them… Maybe, it is the mission of the company you work with that you believe in and while the team and/or the way they go about that mission is not what you would do personally, remember the good that the company do to other people and how you participate in that mission by working in that company.

In short, shift your mindset towards more positive and grateful thoughts and you will see a shift in yourself. Imagine going to work knowing that this boring job allows you to enjoy the life style your family deserves.  That would be a change. A change will occur, your stress level will automatically reduce at a cellular level.

So, remember,

Life should happen for you, NOT to you.

Be an active participant in your life, not the victim of your own life.

If you need help with shifting your perspective or if you want to discuss how you can proceed, don’t hesitate, contact me at or click here to contact me.

With care


Joelle @ Joelle’s

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