Stress is affecting your relationships in ways you can not ignore

I came across this article and it highlights yet another way stress should not be ignored.

Stress has such an impact on our own health and our own life, yet we tend to ignore its impact on our body and most certainly the impact it can have on our relationships.

When stressed, we tend to act as if we are an island. In a way, we are lost in the belief that we are the only one experiencing that stress. And in a way, it is true, since nobody is in your head, nobody can have your experience. Yet, it would be doing a disservice to yourself and your relationship to ignore its impact.

Impact of stress

Whether it is because stress makes you tired and you get more short tempered when tired. Or it is because you isolate yourself hoping to be able to find a solution on your own, leaving people around you at a loss to help you. It could that it is because stress will impact your decision making process and it will directly impact your relationship,

It is important for you to acknowledge that you are stressed. You are feeling like you are swimming upstream and you have no way to control whatever is happening at the moment.

What can you do about it?

It is important to stop and find ways to reduce your stress level. And YES, you always have choices. They do not have to be dramatic. Anything can help. 5 minutes meditation. Listening to some music in the train to and from work. Drinking a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and really appreciating it. Exercising lightly. Taking the time to speak with a friend, and yes, do some tapping ;-) ….

Possibilities are endless.

One thing is certain though. Not addressing your situation is a sure way to damage your relationship, be it at home, at work or with your friends.

Read on.

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