Short term goals versus long term ones

Be more ambitious with yourself in the long term, and have more patience with yourself in the short term.


We all have these tendencies to be too impatient with ourselves in the short term.

We “KNOW” that we should be doing more, be further advanced in our career, …. than what we are today.

But when we do this, most of us, will have the desire to overdo it in the short term, lead us to get too tired and collapse shortly after, half exhausted… Until we have rested enough and we can start worrying about the time we “lost” resting. So we try twice as hard to catch up lost time and hence perpetuating a vicious cycle… which may well lead you to total exhaustion.

Don’t let that happen

Remember life is not a sprint, it is a long race… You need to pace yourself for the long run, not sprint senselessly toward a finish line which is likely to be 40, 50 maybe even 60 years away…

Be aware of how you are in your body and take care of it…

Well, if you want to learn more, then watch the short video I made by clicking here! :-)

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