Self confidence, a personal thing

In my practice, I help people regain their self confidence, but they would not call it self-confidence. They talk about being more focused, more centered,  stronger, steadier, calmer. One person described his newfound state as standing in his own being and knowing the strength he possessed.

To me, it means that they have settled down.

Usually, when they come to me, they are at the end of their rope. Their life is out of control, they are panicked to even take an action because it will have more consequences than they can handle. They feel like they are faced with a never ending flow of problems and no break in sight to even start handling them. They wish for their world to stop turning just long enough for them to actually focus on one single issue and actually finish it…

They believe that they are just unable to do anything anymore… They are hopeless, overwhelmed.

Yet, within a few weeks, they reach that point of self-confidence, where they feel calm and centered, where they have enough time to stop and actually look at all their problems and decide which one are priorities and which ones will just have to wait.

It is always amazing to witness this simple, yet deep transformation.

And from that place of being self-confident, my clients can re-engage in their life. This state of calm is just a phase, before they are ready to decide what they are going to do next. What objectives they are going to go after.  They know that they “have the next storm and the next after that”. They feel steady and strong. There will always be a time in their life where their newfound calm will be tested, but they have the tools to know how to handle any storm.

Today I would like to thank them ALL for allowing me to be part of their journey to self-confidence.

Thank you!

With love



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