Power of Vulnerability

Burnout and Stress Management

More often than not, feeling vulnerable will let people feel uncomfortable and running away from it.

We most certainly don’t associate vulnerability with any kind of power. Yet, it takes courage to be vulnerable. It takes courage to stand in that feeling and actually voicing it.

And when something takes courage, it makes for a very powerful experience.

Being vulnerable and learning the lesson from that feeling is very important. In that vulnerable state, one can understand what we have been trying to avoid, to ignore, to not see.

And we know that ignoring a problem is likely to make it bigger in the long run.


Stand in your vulnerability. Learn from it, it is where your strength lies.

It does not mean that you have to stay in that feeling of vulnerability for ever. No, but no matter who you are, we all have a vulnerability. We all have a weak point. And embracing that weak point, “integrating” it into your life, will make you a more rounded person, it will make you stronger.


If you know your weaknesses, you know how to protect them.

So be courageous, be strong,


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