Perfectionism is the worst standard

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Perfectionism is quite often considered the highest possible standard. And it usually stems from a good intention: The one to do good.

Problems start when it stems from guilt or fear of being judged. Then it becomes an excuse for NOT doing something, (I can’t do that right, I might as well not do it!) or for always postponing the final result. (It is not quite finish yet, I can make it better, I will publish it, show it, release it,… when it is just right) or for being mean to yourself. (Yep, once again, you failed (at producing the perfect result) you are such a looser…)

Are you suffering from that situation. I know. Until a mentor of mine mentioned to me that perfectionism is the worst possible standard! I had to stop and think about it. Because it seemed that perfection is the goal. The one that leads you to success and to great things. So how could it be the worst possible standard. Then I realised that wanting to be perfect for me was a way to protect myself from other people’s judgement. If I was perfect, people could not be mean to me. Yet, in the process I was Mean to myself and I could not appreciate the journey, the progress and actually capitalise on the confidence that comes with mastering something, with progress.

I have learned to appreciate the journey, as much as the end results. And I have learned that good enough is an excellent standard. So that I can move forward and be gentle with myself. My standard is still very high, but it is reachable. And I do reach my goals. And I celebrate my big and small goals.

And as a good perfection addict, I relapse some time. Like today when I open my meditation challenge and I realised that I am on day 6 when the challenge is already on day 7. I have missed a day. I could not be bothered one day and I did something else instead. I started immediately scolding myself for having missed a day. But I also remembered that I am not perfect and that it is not my goal. So I congratulated myself for meditating 6 days out of 7 this week. And I realised that it had not been a chore, but a very pleasurable experience and that I have come a long way from even last year same period where I only did 10 days out of the 21 day challenge. I could see the progression and the benefits that I gain.

Yes, I could have pushed myself to do two meditation today but I did not want to, so I did not.

And it is ok!

I am making progress! That is all that matter.

So, what is holding you back? Is perfectionism an excuse you have for not moving forward? Think about it. And give up perfectionism.

In French, the expression is : Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien. The best is the enemy of good!

Your best is good enough…

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