Patterns of Change: 3 Steps to Change for Good.

Burnout and Stress Management

In order to change an old habit, one that is not helping you, you need to make change in your routine and in your life.

How many time have you heard this? If you are like me, more time than you can count. The “I should … do this or that.” How do you make sure that your desire for change and your determination stay intact when life goes on. Will power is not always good enough….

You know that stressful meeting that will make you want to go for that cigarette, or that feeling of emptiness after your relationship ended that send you straight to the fridge for that pint of ice-cream or that beer.

How do you meet your needs for love and connection? Do  you go and overwork everyday, because at least it is a controlled environment? Do you try and please everybody else but you, in hope that they will in turn reciprocate the gesture? When people give in order to get and especially when they fail to communicate their expectations to others, this inevitably leads to suffering, isolation and anger. And this has consequences: Overeating, smoking, drinking, drug use…

In order to change any habit permanently, one needs to take 3 steps:

  1. Understanding what you are focussing on? What is your pattern? Why is it that you are indulging in this bad habit? What is your trigger? What thought or emotion is it that moves you to create change in your life?
  2. Which tools and strategies have you been using to change? Every action begins with an emotion. If you have an habit of say overeating, there is an emotion and a chain of behaviours that lead you to overeat. In order to change your eating strategy you need to understand the emotion that triggers that strategy.
  3. Strengthen the intention to change the bad habit and get rid of any emotional conflicts that would sabotage any progress.

When you want to change something in your life, you must understand what emotions motivate you to create action. Are you reacting to a trigger and an emotion? or are you pro-active, busy creating the life you want and so naturally wanted health, prosperity, love, growth and contribution.

Because when we are in a reactive state of mind, we are focusing on how others are trying to limit us.

When you manage to overcome the inner conflicts, you will find a congruency within yourself that will strengthen your ability to meet your goals.

Set a new precedent: A precedent for clarity and intensity.

If you need help with changing a habit, the habit of feeling overwhelmed or stressed that will lead you to negatively impact your health, contact me, at or contact us today and begin your journey towards a stronger healthier You!


With Care


Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice


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