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Severely twisted ankle’s pain reduced thanks to EFT. 

A few months ago, I was contacted by a person who had just hurt his foot while running and who had been told that EFT/tapping could help with the pain.

After a few minutes of discussion, we set a time for him to come the next day. He was in pain and he could not continue like this. He had things to do!  So the next day, I met with Christian (Not his real name). He had crutches, he could barely put his feet down and his anxiety and annoyance were apparent. “I have places to be and things to do, I don’t have time for this, can you fix it?”

Now, I am not a doctor, and I don’t have a magic wand, so cautiously I reminded him that EFT could  potentially reduce his pain but that he would most certainly need crutches and medical advice to go on safely. He explained that he had been checked by the hospital and that there were no broken bones. “I have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks, before I can put my feet down, and after that it will be weeks of rehabilitation….” Christian continued saying: “I am, well, was training for this marathon, I suppose I can cancel…” His frustration was palatable.

I asked him to remove the bandage around his foot and to try and move his foot then to rank his pain on a 0 to 10 scale. He groaned: “10 and probably more”.  I asked him to describe the pain, he said: it is stabbing, it is intense and very focus, it is warm all over. When I asked him, he mentioned that the color was red.

So we started with rounds around the pain and the description he gave me. After 5 rounds, the pain was still the same.

I asked him the question: “Do you think this technique is going to help you?” I could almost see a smirk and he said honestly “Not sure how!” So I decided to reduce this belief so that we could clear the way. After a couple of round around this doubt, he was more relaxed and he said: “Ok, let’s give it a try, I have nothing to loose.”

We went back to the pain and within a couple of rounds, it had reduced to a manageable 5. When he moved his foot, Christian reported a pain that was still throbbing, less intense, more diffused, it felt warmed. And the color had gone a darker red.

We did a couple more rounds, and the pain sensation reduced to a 4. But it was not moving lower.

I then shifted our attention to his emotions. He was taken aback, saying “I twisted my ankle, there is no emotion there!”. I persisted and he humoured me.

I asked: “After you fell, what was your first thought?”

“It hurts, I suppose, but then I thought about all the things that would have to be rearranged because of that, I knew I would have to go to hospital to get checked and that it would be very unlikely that I would be able to walk, and so it was also all the disturbance to come.”

I went on: “0 t0 10, how annoyed were you at the idea of all those steps?”

“At the time, I think the pain took precedence, so just a 4, but now, it is at a 8.”

We tapped on that and quickly the annoyance receded, then he went on to say: “Well, it is really my luck, I go running every day and the week I really need all my attention on that project, here I am tapping away and wearing crutches… ”

I confirmed that he was frustrated and it was at a 10.

We tapped this emotion down. Christian seemed to then get angry with himself, because if he had not let himself get distracted, he would not be loosing his time with B.S like this.  (I quote!)

We again tapped on this anger toward self. It was a very strong subject for him. It knew that we could spend hours on this subject without really resolving it (Well not in a session anyway) So I focused on the anger related to his accident.

I then focused his attention to what he had to do and could not do because of the crutches. He gave me a list and I could hear the anxiety in his voice. I asked him: “0 to 10, how disturbing is this situation for your work?” Immediately, he went with 10. I asked him which was the biggest element that was disturbing. He said: “I have a presentation in Manchester at the end of the week, I have worked for weeks on this and I am not even sure how I am going to get there.” I asked him again the disturbance for this element alone, he said 20.

We did some rounds on this element. After a couple, I could see his shoulders relaxed. I ask him what was the next most disturbed element, he gave me one then an other. We tapped on them. We tapped on the top 4 elements that would be disturbed by the situation. Then I went back to the original question: “How disturbing is this situation for your work?” He smiled and said, “Well, not ideal but I will be ok.” The anxiety was gone.

I asked him to walk me through the accident, starting from the moment he decided to go for a run. It had been a normal day, he is running every day and so he got ready and went. He had been running 20 minutes, thinking about his upcoming week and the fact that he felt ready, then he got distracted by a car driving by too close to him. He had to jump to the side to avoid being run over. He was annoyed because he was not even on the road, but the person had almost run over him. And while he focused on the car driving away, he missed a pothole in the path and he tripped. He called a friend for help and he was then taken to hospital where he was checked. He felt lucky he did not have to wait too long in there.

It was clear that the car almost running him over was a trigger. I asked him if I was correct, he said, “Well of course, the guy almost run me over!” I did not have time to finish my next sentence, Christian continued: “And the disturbance is 20, the guy could have seriously hurt me.”

We tapped on this using the movie technique. So while he was tapping, focusing on moving away from the car, I could see a host of emotions on his face, I encourage him to tap until the disturbance was gone. He tapped for a while, then said: “Now what?!” I asked him to go back to the movie in his head, from the beginning and to stop and tap whenever he could feel a disturbance. He did the procedure 2 times. On the third run of the movie, he said: “Yep, after all I was lucky, I was really close to a friend of mine, he could take me to hospital and he was still at home when I called.”

I then decided to refocus on his ankle. I asked him to move his foot and to rate the pain. I could see that the movements cautious at first became ampler and stronger. The look on his face was one of wonder. I asked him to rate the pain, he stood and put pressure on his foot. He grimaced a little bit but he could bear his weight. He said a 3 or a 4 with a big smile. I asked him to describe the pain. He said it is still warm and it is completely diffused, throughout the foot. It was low and rumbling now. And the color is completely dark.

We did a couple of rounds, with him standing so that his focus was on his foot. We managed to get the pain down to a 2 – 3. His ankle was still red and blue. It was still angry looking, but he was walking around limping just slightly.

I don’t think that it would have been possible to reduce the pain any lower. I suggested that he did not push himself too much in the next couple of days. That he kept moving his foot and that he tapped on the pain every evening for 15 minutes.

We made a follow-up appointment for the next week.

When he came back the week after, he still had a little bit of a limp. He said that he had gone to see his doctor and the guy could not believe the progress. Christian’s conclusion was: “I don’t care if he believes it or not. I am on my feet and I am feeling fine. I am not running yet, that would be silly but it does not disturb me too much. ”

He went on to reflect upon the fact that it was almost as if the accident was an avoidance tactic to not be prepared for his presentation in Manchester that he aced.

We went on to work on this anger that he harboured against himself and his self confidence.

Christian was much more relaxed and calm about his journey than when he started. He regained his calm and confidence almost immediately. He did not suffer from any side effects on his ankle. He did not need any physiotherapy, because he had kept his foot active pretty much from the start. He went on to participate in the marathon in April and he did conclude the contract in Manchester.

One happy customer! And one happy EFT coach!

Pain especially after an accident is quite often the results of our own mental construction. Our emotional response to the accident quite often blocks our energy and therefore reduces our chance of a prompt healing. Christian still experienced some level of pain, because he did hurt himself. And that pain level served as a reminded that he had to take care of himself, yet he was not in excruciating pain, like when we started. The pain in Christian’s case, amplified a deeper rooted problem of self confidence and fear. When we addressed those two elements, the pain receded almost immediately.

93% of all ailments have an emotional component. Addressing this component allows the healing property of the body to work much more efficiently.

Do you have a pain that is preventing you from living our life to the fullest? An accident or a chronic pain. If so, then give EFT a try. Book your appointment today. Click here

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