Our stress can affect our children. It is time to change.

In this time of New Year’s Resolutions, it can be difficult to find the motivator to actually act on our Resolutions. So quite often they stay this: Good intentions with no real impact on our live.


Because quite often, those resolutions are just “nice to have” goals. They are not important enough for us to really dedicate our time and energy to it in the long run.


What if your resolution could have an impact on your family’s health? More precisely your children’s health? Then, suddenly the motivation goes through the roof, doesn’t it?

Here is the thing, a new study published in the prestigious JAMA publication, established that women that have suffered from childhood abuse are more likely to have children with Autism.

The common link with all those women is the underlying long-term stress of dealing with that abuse.

If you want to find a way to reduce your stress so that you do not impact your children’s life, now or in the future, then read on to learn.



If you want to discuss how EFT and coaching can help you reduce your overall level of stress, so that your health and the one of those around you are not affected, then, don’t hesitate reach you to me, book a free discovery session and see how you can take charge of your life.


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