Next week – We are talking about How You Can Avoid Burnout?

Can You Avoid Burnout?

It is important to remember that you always have a choice.


You can choose to continue to do what you have ever done, and hope for the best, and you know that the best is unlikely to occur…


You can choose to change.

I know it can be scary to do something different, but you can’t expect to get a different result, if you keep on doing the same thing.

This is called insanity.

We are all guilty of this at time.

But when it comes to the process of burnout, it can be really painful.

So, if you are wondering what you can do to change and save yourself from a burnout, then,

you need to know about the process.

You are probably thinking that it is for people who are working too much and have no life outside of work, (or their family, or their care….) and it is not you… Right?!

When was the last time to spend quality time with your family?

When what the last time you spent time practicing your hobby, be it a sport, or reading or even collecting stamps…

When was the last time to slept in, because you were tired?

hummmm was it that long?

Ok, then, we need to talk….

Seriously… If you have not taken care of yourself for a very long period of time, because well you could not find the time, it is urgent we talk!

So, first I want you to join me next week for a webinar where I will be talking about the burnout process and how You can avoid it.

You will learn to recognize the signs of burnout and the simple steps you can implement to avoid burnout all together.

Then I want YOU to book some time with me to talk about how I can help you change your life for the better.

This life you have is not the best you can have. Don’t settle.

I know you are tired right now, and the simple fact of booking something is beyond your capability.

I was there once, but you need to take that steps. You need to open the door and take the risk to change, otherwise, burnout is a really risk. Don’t let that happen!

Join me on one of the webinar next week and let’s start the discussion.

See you next week

Joelle @Joellespractice



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