New Webinar: Regain your Self-Confidence after a Burnout

It is my pleasure to invite you to a new webinar

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“Regain Your Self-Confidence after a Burnout”

A total burnout is a traumatic event for all people involved. Obviously the main impact is on the person suffering from the burnout, but also all the people around the person.

Burnout encompasses the physical, mental and emotional aspect of the person who has suffered from it, but its impacts can be felt by all people around them.

When the person is ready to re-engage, they are often left with enormous self-doubt. The burnout has left a level of uncertainty in people’s life, if only because it happened and they were not expecting it.

It might be that they have lost the certainty that they are invincible,

It might be that in the back of their mind, they wonder if they are going to break down again.

It might be that they are doubting that they are strong enough to face their responsibility once again.


The burnout has filled their life with an enormous amount of uncertainties, and it is only normal, especially initially, to want, to need, to crave Certainty. In order to obtain this certainty and to regain their strengths, people tend to reduce their exposure to what would be perceived as risky.

Life can not be controlled, so in order to live it, one needs to accept that control can not be maintained all the time and that in order to live life, people need to take risk, to face uncertainty. This can be a very scary process.

It can lead to feeling self-conscious and feeling less than confident.

One needs to find ways to overcome the fear, to face it and do it anyway!

On this webinar, I will be talking about a simple 3 steps process that will allow you to regain your self-confidence and your ability to handle life with strengths and certainty.

Interested in learning more?

Then, join me on this webinar tomorrow Wednesday June 21st at 7pm, UK time.

I can not wait to see you tomorrow.

With care

Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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