Meditation – Way to Manage your Stress

Ok, I have to say when I was told after being released from hospital that I should learn to meditate because it was a proven way to reduce stress and a good way to ensure that I would keep depression at bay, I thought if they ask me to pretend I am a tree, I leave. But I was also determined to do anything in my power to avoid getting sick again. So I went.

It was a mindfulness class! At a time, it was not yet trendy to know all about mindfulness. And I tried. I suppose it is the key word. I TRIED to meditate and I could not. I would fall asleep the moment the session would start. I had to laugh, but after 3 weeks, I gave up. And decided that there was other ways for me to not go back to where I had been.

But then when I started researching methods to reduce and maintain my stress level at low level, meditation kept coming back. So every time and again, I would revisit the mindfulness tapes and would quickly find my way to dream land. So I started experimenting, what if I did the active meditation, also in the mindfulness meditation process. It worked! It’s hard to fall asleep when you walk or you do yoga. But again, it was not something I was motivated to do for an hour a day. I tried different methods, I looked at different lengths as well.

Then a couple of years ago, I came across the Oprah-Chopra meditation challenge. And it stuck!

Every time, they create a new challenge I sign up and participate. It becomes for the 3 weeks of the challenge MY priority. And let’s face it, I can stop for 15 to 20 minutes a day easily and still benefit from meditation. Since then, I do it regularly and I suggest you do it to.

The benefits are endless, but to me, it is a reminder to put myself first.

When we have a busy life, and busy schedule, it is so easy to put everybody first well before ourselves. And what is 15 minutes? It gives us a change to disconnect and to re-center ourselves with ourselves.

Let me know how you are doing with this challenge. Best of all, it is free! See you there.

With care



Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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