Make your decision powerfully and ACT UPON IT TODAY!

Burnout and Stress Management

Motivation is a difficult thing to explain because it is so personal.

Yet, we all make decisions daily. We all decide that we should do this, or we must do that.

What makes the difference between our Should and our Must?

Emotions. The reasons behind our decision.

So in order to make decisions that you will stick to, (remember those New Year’s Resolution, they were “shoulds”? Right!) you need to be emotionally engaged in that decision.

Have you ever thought about why ads on TV use emotional manipulation? Because it gets you to act.

But even if you “pump yourself up” about a decision, if you don’t ACT powerfully immediately, you will loose momentum and something else will capture your attention, and before you know it, your Must will become a Should and soon it will be forgotten.

So, when you make a decision, and you got yourself to a point of “I must do this”, then Immediately take action. Powerful ones, make a statement about your state of mind when you made that decisions and run with it.

If you don’t act, you won’t change! It is as simple as that.

So keep going back to that emotional place and from there, take action again and again and again.

You will see changes! Guarantee.

Make a powerful decision AND take action, today!

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