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I invite you to join me for my next Webinar On Burnout next week. I have put together a new Webinar titled “7 signs of Burnout and how to avoid it”. This webinar on Burnout is for you:  If you feel Overwhelmed, Powerless to change your circumstances no matter how hard you try. If you feel Anxious that you are not good enough to achieve whatever you are set to do, then… It is important for you to join this Webinar. Click HERE for more information.

Why Join the Webinar?

Have you every felt Overwhelmed by how much was coming at you? Ever wonder how you were going to handle everything at once.

Have you ever felt Powerless when thinking about the amount of responsibilities weighing down your shoulders?

Are you constantly running around faced with a “to-do” list so long it would take a week to get through it all? And to make matter worse, everything has to happen right this minutes? Let’s face it, the moment you tick one item off that list, 3 are added onto it, almost immediately! It is never ending….

There are many more ways to experience this feeling of being helpless and frantic trying just to stay on course, not even talking about making progress…

My guess is that you probably experienced those feelings at some point or another. However if those feelings lasted for long period of time, you know it can be bad and completely draining.

In the long run, this could lead to Total Burnout.

Interested in learning about Burnout?

On my next webinar, I will talk about what a Burnout look like, the signs and what you can do to break the cycle. Not complicate stuff, just simple and very effective steps you can take to regain control over your life.

Interested in joining the Webinar?

Then sign up for your seat at my next webinar.Click HERE. It’s free!

Information is power they say.

So join, listen in, get any questions answered and become aware of the signs and steps you can take to break the cycle, if you are in it right now, or for if you were to find yourself in one one day!

With care


Joelle @joellespractice


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