If I am responsible for all of my life, that means that I am responsible for what happened to me in my past….

Take ownership of the meaning of your life events….

If you have had a difficult or even traumatic event in your past, you know how shocking this realization can be.

I know that when I was told to take responsibility for all of my life, I bulked.

How could they even suggest that I had a hand in what happened to me!!!!….

Change the meaning of your life key events.

Personally, I did not want to have any responsibility in what happened to me. I did not want to even consider that I could be responsible in any way or form for what happened to me. I despised people who would suggest otherwise.

So I can certainly understand where people are coming from when they express their surprise.

So what does that mean to take responsibility for your own life?

First of all, let me start by saying that if I could change anything that anybody experienced that made their life a misery, I would in a second. Unfortunately I can’t. And nobody can.

The truth of the matter is:

It did happen and there is nothing that can be done to change that fact.

However, if you blame others or external circumstances for what happened, if you remain angry for the circumstances that led to this unfortunate situation, you are letting some else or something be in charge of your life and you live in the past. You are trapped, a prisoner of a past that is done and finished. 

As a coach, it is my role to not let that happen.

Usually when people come and seek my help, they are ready to change and I guide them to become actors/leaders in their life. I guide them to have life happening for them and not to them.

That means that they need to take responsibility for their life, starting now.

One can not take responsibility if they are giving it away in certain areas of their life.

The past happened, events, sometimes difficult or even traumatic, took place. We have gone through them. We have survived them. We have learned from them.

Those events have made us stronger.

Yes, the events were painful to go through and everybody who have been in those circumstances, wish that they could have avoided them.

I still do!

The trick is to remember that it was then, and it is now.

We have survived, we have moved on and we are stronger BECAUSE of those events.

It is the meaning of those events that we can take responsibility of.

We can decide that those events destroyed us and that because of them, we will forever be broken, never to be whole and strong ever again, therefore becoming forever victim of life.


we can decide that those events made us stronger and shaped us in what we are today.

I am not suggesting that we deny that those events ever took place. They did and we went trough them. But we can decide to change the meaning those events have for us.

For the longest time, burning out was a shameful affair for me, one that just demonstrated that I was weak and never to be trusted and whole again. I rarely spoke about it and I never even considered going back to work because I was broken and unworthy.

Today, I consider the burnout a reminder and a lesson. One that taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought.

Even doctors did not think I could ever recover, let alone function in any capacity ever again.

I prove them wrong. I prove myself wrong!

This burnout was a way for me to realize that I am stronger than I will ever realize and when I feel that life is tough, when I feel a little pessimistic, (who does not at time!), I remind myself that I have survived way worth and I made it to the other side.

If I could survive the burnout, I can survive anything, even that little rough water.

And that’s what is meant when the suggestion is made to take responsibility for your own life.

Take ownership of the meaning of your life.

NO, it is not to blame yourself for what happened to you in the past.

What is your responsibility is the meaning you are giving to those events in your life TODAY.

Remember, you always have a choice….


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