How EFT coaching help expand your comfort zone after a burnout

After a burnout, building a comfort zone is a must.

But quite often need help to challenge it and will be helped by working with an EFT coach.

Having strong personal boundaries and “defending” them at all costs is a priority, however as time goes on, when people are feeling stronger and have rebuilt themselves, it is important to challenge those limits on occasion.

But the time comes  when this comfort zone becomes too limiting.

Yes it is safe, but it is also blocking your potential.

Working with an EFT coach, you can let go of the negative emotions relating to your burnout, and you can challenge the belief that it is not safe to expand your comfort zone.

Why take the risk of expanding one’s Comfort Zone especially after a Burnout?

Why would you want to take the risk to expand your comfort zone, especially after a burnout?

Well because if you don’t, you will get bored, you will suffer, you will not grow.

Remember if you don’t grow, you die.

EFT or Tapping can be an easy way to release the anxiety surrounding the event of “burning out”, and don’t make any mistake, a burnout is an event that will leave some marks and anxiety.

An EFT coach can also help you “dare” to take that first step out of your Comfort Zone.

I am not suggesting you do it, right after a burnout.

You need time to rest and restore first.

But when you have taken the time to rebuild yourself, then it is important to expand beyond your limits.

If you don’t think, you will ever be able to take a risk again, if you feel that this next step is impossible, because you don’t want to burnout again, then it is time to ask for help.

Working with an EFT coach can be the help you need to finally put to rest the emotions surrounding the burnout itself, and reduce the anxiety around taking a risk once again.

Listen in!

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