Free Group EFT Session During Coronavirus Crisis

During these uncertain times, Stress and Anxiety are on the rise.

Confronted with an invisible and potentially deadly opponent in the Covid-19 virus, being confined, facing financial uncertainty created by the situation, being worried by the health consequences, for one’s self as well as for those around us, being socially isolated,…

The list of stress factors is long and never seems to ease.

Joelle, like everybody, had to adapt her practice. She is confined at home in London and transferred her activity online.

In an attempt to bring her help to people who may need it, she decided to hold

Free Group EFT Sessions: Releasing Stress and Anxiety during Coronavirus Crisis.

Daily, Joelle leads a Group EFT Session online focusing on Releasing Stress and Anxiety created by the current Covid-19 Crisis.

At 9Am and 6Pm,  Joelle goes live, guiding people through a quick EFT/Tapping process to reduce the Stress and Anxiety people are experiencing during those uncertain times.

Interested? Join in via Zoom,

Morning Session at 9AM, Click HERE.

Evening Session at 6PM, Click HERE.

You will have to download a small process in order to attend the meeting. It is quick and simple.

You can also join in via FaceBook @


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