Follow up on Yesterday Thursday’s EFT Coaching Call


Yesterday during my weekly EFT Coaching Call, I talked about Stress and its effects on the body. I had an amazing response and so many questions, I was a little overwhelmed.

So I decided that actually I could share this video more widely and it could inspire more people to reduce the stress in their life. Stress free life? Yes sure if you want, but I am not about a total absence of Stress. We live in a modern life. It would not be completely realistic. But so many people take the opposite approach and say well it is unavoidable, so I am not going to worry about it!… And I am here to say

Actually it is not the best option!

So, here is the link to gain access to yesterday’s video as well as all previous recordings and you will also be automatically registered for all future Weekly EFT Coaching Call.


Click here to gain access! 


Have a wonderful weekend!


With care




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