Fatal Mistakes People Make When Facing a Burnout

For Many People, Burnout is a Reality.

Here are some mistakes that can make dealing with Burnout so much harder.

#1 – Not taking the situation seriously.

  • People assume that they are stronger than this “Burnout” business and that they don’t need help.
  • Assuming that the situation will improve on its own, without needing any actions or changes.
  • Burnout is a serious process terminating in the person being totally exhausted, without physical, mental or emotional energy left. Ignoring the situation will not resolve the issue.

#2 – Failure to educate themselves about Burnout.

  • People assume that being burnout can be solved with a good night sleep. A burned out person will need weeks if not months to be able to fully recover and during that time, they will not be able to function at their optimal capacity.
  • Burnout is a serious all encompassing process which involves the whole person, its physical, mental and emotional strength. It will take time to rebuild the person.

#3 – Failure to seek help soon enough.

  • People assume that Burnout is a fancy construction and that only the weak suffer from it. It does not apply to them.
  • People hope that by pushing long and hard enough at a situation, it will resolve on its own. The longer they delay seeking out help, the longer it will take for them to fully recover.
  • Burnout is a serious problem that can not be left unattended, as it will only worsen.

#4 – Relying on family and friends, rather than a trained and objective person to help.

  • People turn naturally toward family and friends, people they trust to seek help.
  • Not relying on an objective and trained professional to guide them out of a difficult situation .

#5 – Failure to choose an expert.

  • Failing to recognize the seriousness of the situation mean that people tend to turn to generalists when seeking out help.
  • A non specialist help will take longer for the intervention to work.
  • An expert will know exactly where the person is at and what are the steps necessary to get the best results sooner.

#6 – Relying on Convenience.

  • When people are seeking help, they want it fast. They will choose convenience, access or price as a decision factor.
  • People around you may know of Burnout and will give you their well meaning advice. But may not be effective in your personal situation.
  • Price or location should not be a deciding factor, as only expertise and track record in Burnout should be at the forefront of any decision process.

Burnout is serious – Treat it that way!


How much energy have you wasted by not acknowledging the problem in the first place and taking proper action, talking to an expert about your situation? Act NOW!

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