Why do YOU Ever Need a Coach?

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Last week, I talked about Accountability.

The fact that if you know you will have to talk about your progress or your lack thereof, you are more likely to apply yourself to any decision or resolution, hence the power of groups.

This week, I am going to explore the power of an external point of view.

A coach whether it is for an athlete, a business or a life coach is only there to help YOU achieve the goal that YOU have chosen.

However, sometimes, it feels that you have so many options and items on your to-do lists or well wishers to advise you to do this or that or again yet another thing that it may become overwhelming to decide. To know deep inside that the goal You have set is the right one and that You are on the right path… Really, it can be overwhelming.

Let me give you an example.

A few years back, I was given a very bad health diagnostic. The one where the doctors look at you with very sad eyes and tell you that it will never get better…. And suddenly my little life was turned upside down. I was really tired and I had to make a multitude of appointments and decisions to see specialists for this, that and the other…. I had to reschedule or cancel my life for the forseeable future, I had to deal with my overwhelming stress at the situation and all the following changes AND I had to manage the stress and the emotion of the people around me… And THEN, while I was already on the floor overwhelmed with everything else, completely fearful of what I had to face, I was asked to make life changing decisions about my life, my health and my future….

In the best of time, one need a couple of days or maybe a year to decide about key elements of their life…. But in that situation, I was given a 15 minutes brief if I was lucky, followed, again if I was lucky, with some information leaflets about my condition and the treatment options and I was told to come back within 48 hours with a decision, so that I could be moved along into said treatment option….

I had never been in that situation before and nobody around me had dealt with a similar situation ever either.

I was expected to still find the mental space to quiet the noise in my head and to make “the best decision”!!!! Right!!!!

I was lucky because previously I was working for a pharmaceutical company and part of my job was to go in and understand a given condition and to understand quickly the different treatment options…. So I did just that… I went on the internet and I pulled pages after pages of information… Once again I was almost overwhelmed…. I did try to have more time with  my doctor, I called, I try to send emails…. I was really desperate but getting an answer was near impossible. And I still had to deal with family and friends who were getting anxious to see me lose myself in a maze of information….

That’s when I went and asked a friend of mine to be an external observer, one that was not involved emotionally and who was luckily involved in the same field as me. And who could go through the information I had collected and who was able to help me put list of questions for each treatment and also gave me their opinion about each one. That allowed me to be prepared to face the doctors and to get answers to my questions and to make an informed decision, based on the available information at the time.

My friend acted as a coach in that situation. There was a person not personally involved in the situation and therefore who could be impartial and could take my stress and my anxiety and my fears and address the most pressing concerns to give me a certain clarity. And through that clarity, my stress level reduced and my ability to make clearer and better solution was greatly improved.

A coach will never impose a decision upon you, he or she will help you make sense of your world and help you define a goal for yourself based on what is available to you.

Based on my example earlier, the coach could do the research on the different options and comeback to You with simple explanation in English and help You make a list of questions to ask Your doctor before making the decision. This process helps clarify each option in Your mind, so that You can take the best decision for Yourself.

It reduced effectively Your level of stress and allows You to focus on what is really important: Yourself and You family especially in difficult time.

This example focuses on health but what ever the situation you are faced with and you become overwhelmed by it, it is time to call in somebody who is not emotionally involved to have a different, neutral perspective on the situation.

That’s what to expect when choosing to work with a coach!

With care

Joëlle @ Joëlle’s Practice

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