Exam Stress Management? Here is an idea

Exam Stress management? Here is an idea…

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have 3 children, teenagers really.

And this week, we were facing 3 separate sets of exams…. Let’s just say that stress was high in the household.

Yes, we have talked about dealing with stress and exam stress management… and ways to keep a healthy balance between school and personal life…

But it is one thing to listen to Mom talk about it, and it is another to go through it.

If I am honest, all three of them are all doing very well,  with their own coping mechanisms, and like any family, we have had little ups and downs but… overall they managed very well, without Mom’s influence (It is a well known fact that Mom’s influence is stressful…. ;-) )

The situation :-)

However on Wednesday evening, when I came back from work, it was clear that tension (or exam stress) was running high…

“Mom, you don’t understand…. It is so hard… It is so stressful… There is nothing to do… I just have to go through it…”

I was not happy with that explanation…. And I knew that it was not a healthy situation for them to stay in.


I need an exam stress management intervention!

I informed them that I needed help with some painting that I needed to see completed for the next day.

They came curiously in the garden…

“Mom, not one of your tapping thing right….”

So I explained that I needed those three panels painted before they could be used elsewhere in the garden. I pulled all the old cans of paints we had in storage. Some paint brushes and

Off we went….

The first panel, the teens were a little tense and unsure, when the second came along they were starting to enjoy it, and when the 3rd one was done, they were splashing paint on to the panels and leaving footprints, with big smiles on their faces looking around for ways to “improve” their creations…

It was a success. Exam Stress Management!

Their laughters were a credit to their forgotten exams and for an hour, they were blissfully occupied with very minor concerns… and not the least bit stressed out.


Exam Stress Management
Alternative Exam Stress Management


How to support your teens (and yourself!) during time of stress?

While the chosen approach is very unconventional and I don’t have panels to be painted lying around in the garden to be used all the time, it remains that when you or a person you know get tense and under so much stress, either at school or in any areas of your life, the best way to interrupt that cycle of stress is to change your physiological state. (Want to read more about physiological states, click here)

What do I do professionally with clients?

In my professional setting, I don’t do art therapy. But it happens that I would suggest to a person that is feeling a little down and sorry for themselves, to start moving around, checking their arms, checking their legs and changing their posture.

Most of the time, just those little adjustments allow the person to change their physiology which in turn changes their emotional state. And with a higher energy level, they can look at their presenting problem from a different point of view and quite often find a different solution than what they had been contemplating just moments before.

What can you do practically to help your student?

In the case of students being stressed by looming exams, it is important to implement some simple exam stress management strategies. It can be as simple as reminding them and encouraging them through out the year, to maintain a good balance between their school requirement and their personal and social life. And when the pressure mounts, and it will, it is important to provide them with opportunities to take breaks. Breaks that will give them a chance to disconnect from their studies and to engage their mind as well as their bodies in different ways. Walks, dancing, gardening, engaging in a sport activities….

In doing so, you are actually providing them with much-needed stress release.

Of course, one of the tools that I recommend is EFT. A simple, tested and effective method of stress management.


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