Everything is energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed

Tapping or EFT is based on the Chinese medicine principle that in our body there are energy highways called meridians and dis-ease occurs when those highways get jammed. Emotions are huge energy spenders. We all know that certain emotions are like energy “suckers”, while others rave up your energy and you feel that you can go all day….

If you control your emotional states, you control your energy level and you control your life (at least the emotional part of it!)

I was explaining to a client about EFT/Tapping and I found that the best way I could explain to him was to use the metaphor of electricity. He accepted that electricity was energy and that the Chinese believed that our body had meridians, which I compared to cables conducting electricity throughout our body. I went on to explain that when those cables were bent or blocked, the energy stacked up, creating an accumulation of energy which in the right environment, created light (like in a lightbulb). I then explained that the Chinese put pressure (through needles or hand and fingers) on those points in order to allow electricity to circulate again and avoid disease or discomfort.

Given the smile of his face, I think the client liked the metaphor and was then willing (providing there was no needle involved) to try tapping and to let go of his bagage. He really liked the idea that his bad memories of an accident that occurred a couple of years prior were creating friction that was hot and bothering and that it was time to see if he could let it go.

He mentioned a few weeks later that he felt energised all the time and that he had put that energy to go use already.

I was pleased, he had found a way to use that energy in a different positive way and it would create a snow ball effect.

So what have your been using your energy on lately?
What if you could use your energy more efficiently?

Every emotion you experience is energy. However you know as well as I do, that some emotion leave you depleted of energy while other infuse you with energy.

I used to be angry all the time, I suppose it was a good way to hide my fears. Anyway, when I decided to address that anger and therefore to go face to face with my fears, one of the side effects I experienced what an increased level of energy. Once I had cleared those reasons for being angry and faced and dealt with those fears, I had more energy than I ever had before. Bare none! How could it be?

The way I see it, I was so busy pushing away those fears and fighting them with anger, that I did not have any energy left to enjoy life!

Am I always happy and pleasant? No, I can get angry like anybody else, but my home (if I can call it that), my center is not anger anymore. My base is calm and tranquille. And that is what I strive for with my client.

So, where do you live emotionally nowadays? And how much does it cost you?

Let me know.

With care

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