Embracing Change After Burnout: A Personal Journey Toward Renewal

Embracing Change After Burnout: My Personal Path to Renewal Psychotherapy, Burnout Recovery, Stress Management

Hello, Welcome Back

Hello everyone, Joelle from Joelle’s Practice. As an experienced practitioner in Psychotherapy, Coaching, Burnout Recovery and Stress Management, I’ve navigated substantial personal challenges in the last few years that tested my professional expertise. Following some trying times and a return to my roots in France, I’m ready to share insights into how embracing change can lead to profound personal growth.

Facing Burnout Head-On

The end of my marriage put me at a very critical moment; I was questioning if I was good enough, and I felt the signs of burning out. Realizing my boundaries was an essential and challenging thing to do. Psychotherapy, coaching revisiting my knowledge on Burnout Recovery and Stress Management, as well as leaning on my support network were the very first steps I took to heal, confirming by their very existence that even experts have vulnerabilities. And let’s put it simply. Acknowledging this was a struggle.

Practical Burnout Recovery and Stress Management Strategies

I decided to take a page from my own book [for more info, see here] and apply those principles I had advised so many to follow, that I had relied upon long before but had forgotten. And there lied the challenge. I “only” had to apply those practice… It proved challenging… However, I worked diligently at implementing those principles during my recovery; And it worked.

I found peace in nature and re-established my community ties. I leaned into my friends and family, even when everything in my body screamed that I needed to do the opposite, to “protect them”. Self-caring became such an important part of my own stress management protocol. One is never alone in everything but one needs to reach out, rise their hands, so that others know to help. And there is always someone willing and ready to do so.

Another essential thing to remember when overwhelmed is that these are professional tools; one tool is, for example, psychotherapy and coaching, which may bring enormous relief and a way out. Despite the fact that I am seasoned coach and psychotherapist, I reached out to my network, and got the professional help I needed to get better faster.

A Point of Inflection: Letting Go

One big realization came when I finally understood that I was helpless to CONTROL IT ALL. This new perception had such a significant effect on reducing my stress and helped me let go of feelings of guilt because of the misconstructed idea that I HAD TO “fix” uncontrollable situations. How liberating it was to finally “give in” to the unknown factor in life and proceed to manage personal crises and professional responsibilities I could control.

You are Invited to Begin Anew

I tell you these to wish that you don’t struggle with loneliness. Be it minor setbacks or massive upheavals, I am here. My practice is in Burnout Recovery and Stress Management. I am here to assist you  in your journey towards serenity and strength.

Remember, every little step forward is evidence that you’re moving. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others, and savor every step of the way.

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