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Burnout and Stress Management

Today I would like to focus on the little trials and tribulation my clients encounter when they talk about their experience with EFT.

The most common question is Do I do it right because I don’t see the results they talk about.

It is not always clear who “they” are, but I know that the general message is EFT is SO effective that it would be easy to believe that it is the one minute wonder. That one session will be sufficient to deal with whatever you are dealing with. It can happen. It happened to a couple of clients of mine. They came with an issue, we tapped for a couple of minutes, AND, they blinked in surprise, their problem had gone. We could not find any negative emotion relating to their long-held problem. They were so happy, I could feel their happiness and incredulity. Yet, it is not the majority. Most of the time, EFT is a relatively slow process of elimination of each and every single emotion one at a time. The good news is once the problem is dealt with, it will not reappear later on.

Which leads me to the number one difficulty I see when people explained to me what they did. They did the tapping sequence right. And fortunately, you can not go wrong with EFT. You can not tap on the “wrong” points and there is little consequences if you mix up the order of points. But it gets trickier if you are not extremely focus.

Focus is Key

I once had a client, who was harassed at work and subsequently had to leave her job. It had been 5 years, she had recovered from severe depression and she was looking at starting her own IT business. But it was clear that the experience of the harassment was a huge baggage for her. So we did some tapping about the situation. I did not want to re-traumatize her, so I did not want her to re-live the experience. I asked her for the emotions she still felt, which she told me. Then we did 4 rounds on the experience as a whole. Her emotional disturbance went down from a 7 (on a scale of 0 (not at all) to 10 (Extremely disturbed)) to a 5, but it was not moving lower. She was starting to believe that it would not work. Then I decided to address each and every emotion individually and separately. One by one, we tapped each emotion until it was brought to a 0. At the end of the session, my client smile was bright and happy. She was so ecstatic, she ended up telling me about her ordeal and could not believe that she did not feel anything anymore. No more fear, anxiety, shame,… We had worked on those 10 emotions, or aspects one at a time.

It is therefore extremely important to be very precise and focus when you target a problem.

The more focused you get, the more efficient EFT will be.

I usually start with general statement about the situation, in order to lower the disturbance, then I start digging in. Depending on the client’s personality, I will then focus on the most pressing aspects or the least one in order to increase the client’s trust into the system.

Self-preservation will hinder your progress with EFT on your own

People are lead to believe that on their own they can address their deepest problem using EFT and that it will be easy. Therefore people are disappointed when they can not achieve their goal. But the human mind has a very strong mechanism of self-preservation, which only purpose is to avoid pain in any form. So if the problem to be addressed is too painful, it is very likely that the brain on its own will block any attempt to get near the problem and the key point of EFT will not be achieved: Focus.

But if you have a helping hand with you when you look at the problem, your brain feels more secure and will lower its guard and allow EFT to work its magic. So while EFT is a self-help technique, for deeper and more serious problem, having a person to help you will be much more efficient.

In conclusion, EFT works most of the time and there is no way to do it wrong, which is the good news. But if you don’t see the results you want, then maybe, it is time to consider working with an expert.

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With Care


Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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