Don’t let your fears run your life! Stand Up!

So often, I am reminded of this simple truth:

Live is tough!

Out of fear, we take the victim stand. We make ourself small, as small as possible in hope that life will “miss us”. That somehow it will be less painful if we are passive.

I know, I have done it!

The truth is life will send us low balls now and then. It’s a given!  It won’t stop because you stand small and fearful. But that stand, that attitude of powerlessness will make it so much more difficult for you to deal.


Pain is a given, suffering is optional!

Let’s change perspective. Look at your life, look at all the challenges you have overcome and see that you have indeed overcome a lot. And every single time, you came out on the other side, still standing, still moving forward. You are still here, even after all those challenges that you have faced during the years. You are still moving forward and you wouldn’t have been able to do so if you had been weak and useless.

You never give up. You always push forward.

If you had been as weak if you think, if you had been the victim that you think you are, you would not have survived, you would not have made it till now.

If you were a victim, then what are you doing here? If you’re truly a victim, you should not be here!

And that’s my point! If you have survived Life’s challenges, then you are a warrior. You’re stronger than You give yourself credit for. So stop acting like you’re a victim! Because you’re not!

The day I realised that by insisting that I was a victim, I was selling myself short, I was self limiting, I became free. When I realised my strength, when I accepted the truth that I was strong, I could see my inner confidence, I could trust myself to know my limits, the true ones, and I could start moving forward again, I became resourceful!

I have made more progress in the past couple of  years, than I have in the previous six or seven.

Today, I help others realise their fears and that it is not who they are!  That those fears are all in their head, that they have the choice.

Their past does not define their future!

When people realise that they have the choice, a world of opportunities arises in front of them.And the fun begins!

While still tough at time, life becomes an adventure and we become epic hero of our own life! And my friends, is worth standing up for!

Never fear! Never give up! Stand-up! You are stronger than you think!

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