Do you have a question that rules your life?



We all have one or more questions that rules our life. Questions such as “What are they going to think about me?” or “How come it always happens to me?”

Needless to say those questions when asked daily will have a huge influence on your life. Say your question is indeed what are they going to think about me? then of course every time you will enter a room or you will be in a situation where you would have put yourself forward and suddenly you are fearful about what people are going to think about you? Are they going to judge you? Positively, negatively, are they going to laugh at you? What ever the way you think people are going to react is going to be a huge block for you to move forward.

There are as many questions as they are life experience. And while they are a driving force in most people life, those questions are not in themselves negative but their influence can be far-reaching and not necessarily in a good way.

And now, let’s imagine that you change your question to a positive one. What if you wondered how you could reach more people very day? What if you wondered how you could live a more free life than you ever did before? What if you wondered constantly how you could challenge yourself even further?

The energy of those questions is quite different. And you are right, they are different. One will pull you inside your head and make you live in fear. The other will push you outside your comfort zone towards your higher value and will lead you toward achieving things that are aligned with your purpose.

Again, I don’t know what that question will be for most of my client.

But I know that awareness is key. Being aware that we have this question running in a loop in our head and knowing that it is not moving us in the direction we are after will make us think and act differently.

At first we may just realise it on occasion, and in those time, changing our question or making a conscious decision to change your attitude to the situation that triggered your question in the first place will allow you to little by little change your life experience.

And with time, you will get used to the new question and used to catch yourself not reacting to the trigger and you will change your life fundamentally.

So here is the question this friend of mine is now asking himself. The change is amazing.

What is your current primary question? Does it serve you? And how can you improve it so that it has a more positive impact on your life?

Let me know.

With care

Joelle at Joelle’s Practice

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