Cystitis and EFT

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I am not a doctor and this article is not presented as a way to treat cystitis or any other infectious disease. It is just my personal experience. Please see your physician on all medical issues. 

A few days ago, I suffered from a bout of cystitis, you know this incessant need to urinate, the pinching pain when you do and the pressure in your pelvic area. Of course, it was a Sunday night and pharmacies were closed and not about to open until the next morning and let’s be honest a night at the ER for some pills was not top on my list of to-do’s either. I was facing a night I knew would not be fun.

And then I remember that during my EFT training, the instructor did mention that EFT could be used to increase the immune system response, I also knew that EFT is very efficient against pain, so I thought, it can not hurt to try.

Desperate time, desperate measure and all that….

I started by focusing on the discomfort and the pain I was in and the fact that I had that persistent need to urinate almost constantly despite the pain. At that time, I was going every 5 minutes and I was in a great deal of pain. The constant pain gave way relatively easily and remain only at the end of the urination. However the other symptoms were resisting. So I decided to “investigate” how I felt about tapping on an infection. I have to admit to being at least strongly sceptical. So I tap on that scepticism. I could not eliminate it completely. But after a good half hour of tapping alternatively on the symptoms and the scepticism, I noticed that the urge to urinate was not as constant. I could space out the visit to the bathroom to every 10 minutes.

There was some progress. Clearly!

I then asked myself, when did that start? And I realised that I had a decision to make the next morning and I was not comfortable with it. I felt trapped in that decision trying not to hurt anybody and trying to please people against my own interest. It occurred to me that this physical discomfort would give me the perfect excuse for avoiding the situation all together or at least delaying it. I would have to visit the doctor instead of making that decision. I then asked myself how I really felt when I thought about the situation I was to face the next morning.

I felt guilty and fearful about what people would think of me for stating my truth. It really gave me food for thought. So I started tapping on feeling trapped by the situation, then I went on to the feeling of guilt and all the reasons that I felt guilty for.

Then I moved on feeling fearful of what people would think of me if I was standing in my truth. I realised that I so wanted to please people that I would forget who I was and what I stood for in order to please others. I tapped on that as well.

I went back to tapping on the symptoms because they seemed to be getting worse for a while. Another bout of guilt came around, guilt of the things that I could have done differently. This gave way quite quickly.

Before I knew it, it was well past 1 AM in the morning and my endless visits to the bathroom were coming less and less frequently and the pain was less intense. I continued tapping on the symptoms until the one remaining was this feeling of pressure and tension in the pelvic area. And it was resisting!

So I asked the pain (yes I know you have to be open minded at time) what it needed me to know about it, and I came up with frustration. So I tapped on being frustrated at that situation and about the fact that I really thought that I had dealt with my insecurities. I had learned my lessons and I knew that I was strong and that I did not need to please people for them to like me. Yet here I was tapping away and suffering because I did not dare. Really frustrating. This feeling of frustration gave way and suddenly the tension and pressure disappeared. I fell asleep at 2.30 AM and did not wake up until the alarm went at 7.30.

I did not visit the doctor the next morning, went to my meeting and made the decision that I needed to make, the one that was right for me. I continued tapping on any lingering symptoms throughout the day. Kept on drinking a LOT of water and I have not been bothered since.

Once again EFT to the rescue! :-)


With Care



Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice


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