Can EFT/Tapping Replace Medication? No but it can help!

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Can EFT replace medication?

NO, but it can help!


It is not rare for people to ask me to explain EFT and how I understand it works.

People understand or not, and it is absolutely ok with me. Sometimes, people get a little uneasy and they need a little more explanation.

The other day, I met a person who was suffering from a bipolar disorder and she was explaining her cycling between different states and how it was very difficult for her especially when she started to feel overwhelmed. I talked to her about EFT and she became immediately defensive and exclaimed:

“If you think I am going to stop taking my medication for this BS, you are gravely mistaken….”

She was under the false impression that I was suggesting that she should stop taking her medication and embrace whole heartedly EFT as a way to solve her problems. She left before I could even say another word.

I can understand her disapproval if indeed I had suggested she stopped her treatment.

I would have liked to explain to her, that EFT is an additional tool in her box to control her disease. Something else she can try when she feels she is getting overwhelmed. It might work or it might not. But since she was explaining to the group that she had been cycling for the past 40 years, I thought that having an extra way to cope would have been welcomed.

Because fighting against such a condition and not even receiving the results one can expect considering the efforts that have to be put in, is disheartening. There is no doubt and this lady explained it very very well… If she does all the right things, but it does not provide the results that are expected, then…

Personally, I would feel that I must be doing something wrong. I know that I did in the past, until, I took a little risk, and I started looking at ALL my options, the main ones, (the meds), the one I had been advised to look at AND the less researched ones, the alternative options…

Did I give up my medications to explore all my options? NO!

Did I close my eyes to all those other options, because my doctors rolled their eyes when I asked about it? Yes I did at first, but when I hit rock bottom, and I knew in my heart that the main stream solution was not working for ME, then I started looking for other solutions, no matter how odd it was, to get myself better… And I have tried a lot of things that did not make sense and I read a lot of books, but I have come across certain things that I still do today and today, I am drug free and my doctors consider me a miracle… Because I should not be…

I tap, I meditate (while tapping), I eat right, I avoid certain foods and do many other things that I found help me in the mean time… One thing that I never did, was quit my meds cold turkey!… I was somewhat stable and I was actually improving and I enjoyed that. I waited for my doctors to suggest that it was time to start reducing my medication before I even considered this option. And I can tell you, I did not like the medications that I was on… But it took me to accept that it was a small price to pay (swallow a LOT of pills every day) to be able to function, before the doctors decided that we could consider reducing the dosage…

EFT is not the magic bullet. Nothing is really! And I am not suggesting that EFT can cure Bipolar Disorder. It can not! But EFT helps reduce stress reaction. Bipolar cycles are triggered by stressors.

So I would have liked to help that lady overcome this feeling of guilt surrounding her situation and I would have liked to “give” her the tool that is EFT for her to try whenever she would feel overwhelmed. But she left before I could even show her.

I do hope that like me, at some point, she will come across an article or a doctor will suggest she tries that or a friend will talk to her about it and will have a chance to explain that it does not replace current therapy, it supports the current therapy, maybe it improves the treatment results. That is all that EFT can do!

With care!


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