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Sometimes, chance leads you to meet beautiful people. People that inspire you.

I had such a chance on the 1st of January this year.

I met this man, Edwin, a Dutchman, who had an amazing story to tell. He was so open and happy, you could not help but listen and find yourself thinking that you were lucky to listen to him.

It could be the sad story of a dream crushed by war, of anger and revenge. But it is not!

Edwin was a Soldier, he was sent to Bosnia and during a mission, Edwin stepped on a land mark. He makes no mystery of his injuries, the fact that he has a couple of prostheses as a result of this. He can not run and he is not a soldier anymore. Yet, it is not why he was inspiring.


His journey back to a full life is inspiring. As many others, he struggled with countless surgeries after the incident. He suffered emotionally and psychologically with the aftermath. He says that at some point walking on a football field was scary for him. He says that having to give up his army career was a huge low point for him. Yet, he considers himself lucky and the sparkles in his eyes when he speaks about his life today tells you that he speaks the truth and he enjoys every minute of it.

He made the decision to live. He committed himself to enjoy life. He works for the army, he has 2 children, he participated in the Invictus Games and got 2 medals and he is training to participate in the Rio Paralympics.

When I asked him, how he got back on his feet, he mentioned coaches who have helped him overcome the hurdles that were thrown at him. He mentioned EMDR to overcome the emotional trauma, and he mentioned EFT, as a method that he can use on the go when he gets a little unbalanced and when he needs that extra Hedge to win a medal.

Edwin’s story made me realise that everyone can choose what to focus on. Everyone can choose the meaning of events of his or her life. Nobody but ourselves can force us to feel a certain way. We can choose to see only the negative in a situation or to look for the silver lining. It is OUR choice.

Edwin could have focused on all the things he can’t do anymore, like being in the army or playing football with his kids, but he chose to focus on the fact that he still has his two feet, he is still fit to participate in numerous sport events at a very high level and on the fact that he is still alive and that he has the chance to have all those experience.

Frankly, it was humbling.

It is my experience thanks to my work as a volunteer with the Stress Project Organisation, which offers free EFT sessions for War Veterans, that the soldiers coming back injured from all the war zones have so much gratitude for simply being alive, that it is always an honor and a privilege to work with those men and women and help them achieve their full potential.

To all of them! Thank you!

With Care


Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice

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