Are you Happy? Are you aligned with your goals?

If what you think, do and say are all congruent, i.e. if all three aspects of your triad are aligned, are “saying” the same thing, you will be happy.

It is that simple.

It does not have to be grand things, you could be happy thinking doing and talking about the little moments of peace and feel an immense happiness coming from within.

It is not uncommon in my business to meet people who are really focused on being happy, but when they talk they can only mention what is going wrong in their life. And when they do, they act meanly or angrily towards people around them, with the excuse that they are tired, or upset, or… But they can not feel the happiness they so want to achieve if they are not consistent. To be happy, you need to be centered on that thought and with that thought will come actions that will be in alignement with that thought….

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