Are you feeling like a victim? Want to change? Listen in!

New Month, new week and new topic for our weekly call: This week?

Feeling like a victim. How disempowering this thought can be. Why do we have those feelings in the first place? And why is it so difficult to change.

If you feel that your life is unfair most of the time, if you feel that you are a victim and that you have no choice what so ever in your life, that your life is happening to You and Not for You, then, maybe you want to listen in to our weekly EFT coaching call.

Feeling disempowered is one of the steps of the burnout cycle. One we can change simply by changing a few habits.

We all feel disempowered at time, we feel like we have no choice in the big game of life, but how you react to those feelings will define your life.

It is hard to believe and to remember at time, but we always have a choice.

The choice to change our emotion.

So, this week, we are going to explore the state of victimhood, why we sometimes find comfort in this state and how we can move away from this, regardless of our circumstances and our reality. And of course at the end of the call, we will tap.

I hope you can join us on Thursday November 5th, to learn how to take control of your life.

It is a big promise, one that I can deliver on.

See you on Thursday. Book your seat now! Click below

With care


Joelle @ Joelle’s Practice



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