For those who may have visited my site in the last 48 hours, you may have been surprised by a couple of offensive posts clearly suggesting that the site had been hacked.

I can only apologize.

I have worked tirelessly with the team at onehoursitefix.com since and I am happy to announce that the problem is fixed.

It has been a strange experience to see my message so fundamentally changed against my will.

I will not expand on the feelings that I experienced when trying to make sense of what had happened and what I needed to do to fix the problem.

I will not mention other vendors that clearly take advantage of a person’s dire situation. I suppose it is life.

What I would like to focus on is the feeling of being completely helpless that overcame me when I discovered the problem.

Why would they have done it? Why attack my site when I am a relatively small operator? Will I be able to solve the problem? Will I loose my status for Google permanently? (Apparently I will get it back in the next 24 hours) and so on.

I now have some of the answers to those questions. And some will remain unanswered.

I have taken steps to protect my clients and my site from malicious activities and will maintain a stronger level of security.

And yes, if you are wondering, I tapped for let go of those feeling of being helpless and the following emotion of anger for feeling like that. :-)

I can only apologize if the post content was offending to you. Please know that it was not intentional and that I have taken all the necessary steps to remove those as quickly as possible.

With care


Joelle at joellespractice.com


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