An EFT Coach to Help With What?

Licensed Certified Coach

Nowadays, it is not rare for people to ask what kind of stress I help people with.

So, here is the answer. This list is most certainly not exhaustive.

Since I am specializing in helping people handling stress, it is normal to expect my clients to feel overwhelmed with a situation.

I help with stress related work, any job situation, be it, finding a job, redefining career after being laid off, overcoming difficult relationship with a coworker, overcoming fear of public speaking or anxiety related to a project, a deadline….

I help people dealing with disease and serious health situations. Themselves or a close family member have received a severe health diagnostic and they are having trouble coping with the after math of the diagnostic, be it, the finality of the diagnostic, or the feeling of hopelessness. I also help people who have a close member of the family having a severe health diagnostic. bereavement support is also a large part of my work.

I have helped people with post traumatic stress disorder due to disaster happening to them, car accidents, aggression and else.

I deal with children or young adults, having to deal with school or Uni stress related issues. The fear of the exams, the fear of school in general. Dealing with self appearance and self-confidence. My youngest client was 7 years old and was suffering from an extreme anxiety before a dance recital. She was so stress, she did not want to go. It took 3 sessions. My favorite moment was her getting on the phone after the show telling me: “It was so easy! I wish they had a second show tomorrow!”


As you can see, I cover a lot of grounds, but it is more a reflection of the versatility of EFT coaching. There is nothing too big or too small that EFT coaching can not handle. So, don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss if I am the best person to lead You towards a stress free life.

I am looking forward to speaking to you very soon.

With care



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