Achieve Your Goals More Confidently with Coaching

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Working with a coach is like a journey. A journey from where you are currently to where you want to be. A journey between your reality and your dreams/goals…

A coach is a vessel that helps you go from one to the other.

I am often asked about the techniques that I use during my coaching. I always find it difficult to explain, how could I? I have a list of techniques at my disposal that I can use: EFT, experiences, coaching, SI techniques, NLP… But it does not really matter. Because I don’t know which of those techniques is going to be useful for any given client. With some clients, I might use EFT extensively. With other, I might use my coaching techniques, when with other, I might use my business experience, and so on!

It is irrelevant, what is important is that people change and achieve their goals. After the finish line, people don’t remember the training or tools that they used to finish the race, they just enjoy the feeling, knowing that they were ready to change and to put the efforts in when it was necessary.

Working with a coach will help you achieve your goals sooner, the reasons it works are 3 fold:

  • System – Having a person that has techniques and knowledge of ways to get from A to B, and putting the right foot in at the right time, and in the right order is important. If you work with a specialist, he will take the guess work out, allowing you to get to your goals that much sooner.
  • Support – This means someone to encourage you when you are feeling stuck. There will be times when you are feeling down, overwhelmed, unable to make the next step, discouraged, and a coach will remind you of the progress you have made, of the efforts you have put in, and of the end goal and how it is important to you. A coach will keep you in the right state of mind, he will keep you motivated, challenge you to push beyond your fears, outside your comfort zone. She will call your bluff to get you to achieve your goals faster.
  • Accountability. We are so good at not doing what we should do, finding very good excuses to do that. This is the kick in the butt when you are falling off track. Like you said, you know what you could be doing but just aren’t doing it but without accountability, we often fall into ruts. Again, having someone to keep you on track, allows you to get to your goals sooner.

Can you reach your goal on your own? Yes. Motivation, clear goals, hard work and will power will get you there. No doubt. But, having a coach helps you reach your goals that much fast.

Do you have goals and dreams that you find yourself distracted from at time? Do you find yourself not doing something you should be doing? You are not alone. Why do you think top executives get access to coaches? They are usually the best at what they do, yet companies invest heavily in coaching for them! Why? Because even the best can get distracted, or need this little change or adaptation that make them even more efficient and will bring great profit to the company.

If they need it, do you?

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